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DJ / 150 - 170 BPM / HARD TECHNO



Young meets old at BLK BUG.

The German DJ & producer duo BLK BUG, made up of Max Dreßler (Mesh Black) & Gideon Baier
(Audio Bug / In-Takt), brings a breath of fresh air to the hard techno scene.
The two are united above all by their love of electronic music.
While Gideon can already look back on many years of experience, Max has only been involved in the
techno scene for a few years.
The internet can bring people together and that's what happened with Max & Gideon.
The two got to know each other via the online platform Discord and quickly realized that they fit together
very well in many respects and have a similar mindset.
In August 2023, the two decided to turn the hard techno scene upside down.
Their oppressive, melodic, and epic hard techno style is the best way to describe them.
Their first release was not long in coming.
A few weeks after the formation of BLK BUG, their first single "Open your Mind" was released on Hardtrax's Dark Force Recordings label.
This was followed by further releases on record labels such as Dreizehn Schallplatten, Bonehead Recordings, and Kube Records, to name but a few.
We recommend you stay tuned and follow Max and Gideon as they bring a breath of fresh air to the
hard techno scene with their unmistakable style.



Released on:
Bonehead Records
Dark Force Recordings
Dreizehn Schallplatten
Kube Records

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